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Social Impact
Paying It Forward

At TonerHaus, our fundamental mission is to create a better world by helping people unlock their full potential.

We passionately believe that entrepreneurship and education are the keys to building healthy, vibrant, and sustainable communities, so we donate a portion of our profits to organizations that broaden our reach in these areas...

Organizations like Kiva, where 100% of every dollar we lend goes to the creation of micro-loans to empower small entrepreneurs around the world. Nearly 99% of these loans are repaid and can be “recycled” - lended again to another entrepreneur, and another... like a chain of dominoes spreading good across the globe.

And the Just Like My Child Foundation, who works tirelessly to empower young women and girls with education and life skills that will guide them and their families throughout life.

Little things matter. When you purchase your toner and ink cartridges from TonerHaus, you create a chain of good that spreads around the world changing peoples lives in a positive way.